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Adhesive Accelerator

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Improves your favorite adhesive performance.  Helps it to work under any condition. Gone are those days where you had to keep track of the humidity for your adhesive to work. With our Adhesive Accelerator you can work under any humidity level.

It is compatible with most adhesives.

Ever got a client with sensitivity and when using your sensitive eyes adhesive notice that it takes forever to dry? Then our Adhesive Accelerator is for you! It speeds up the curing time of your adhesive

Ever got your volume lash fans closing once you apply the glue onto them?  Our Adhesive Accelerator will prevent the glue from running up the lash volume fans that way they'll always stay nice and wide volume fans. 

How to use? 

Apply on the extensions while still on the strip before start the application.  You can start working with the extensions  immediately after applying the Adhesive Accelerator. 

Why we love it?

  • Enhance the curing speed of your lash adhesive.  
  • Enhance your adhesive performance. 
  • Increase the lash retention.  
  • Artificial tear type, harmless to the skin. 
  • Works with almost every lash glue in the market. 
  • Can be used as a pretreatment to remove dirt and oils from the extensions.  
  • Doesn't cause glue shock, maintains the flexibility of the glue that way your clients have a better retention. 
  • Easy to use. Just apply a little on the extensions while still on the strip and voilá! You can start working with the extensions right away.