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Eyelash Growth Serum

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A cult-favorite, must-have serum clinically shown to extend the eyelash life cycle and support growth for visibly longer, denser lashes.This serum’s hair-stimulating nutrients and lightweight liquid formula help improve lash quality and prevent lash loss (while avoiding many of the downsides of competing products) for beautiful-looking lashes you’ll love.

Longer and thicker lashes.

The eyelash growth serum promotes eyelash growth towards dense, longer and healthy eyelashes. 

This eyelash growth serum is hormone free, it is a gentle formula to avoid irritation. 

Eyelash extensions safe! 

You can use it even when you get eyelash extensions, it is a natural formula that won't affect your retention neither activate the eyelash extensions adhesive fumes. 


Dip the brush into the serum just enough to pick a drop, carefully apply to the lash line. Use it at least once a day. 

You will start seeing results in a week.