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BFCM Marini Peel Series of 3

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Marini Peel Systems offer a collection of clinical peels for a more dynamic approach, delivering maximum results in a limited number of applications. These advanced peel systems utilize a dual peeling process combining high concentrations of acids plus retinol with additional peptides and antioxidants for a powerful, fast-acting solution.

  • CLARIFY PEEL is ideal for anyone seeking a serious solution for acne and skin rejuvenation for individuals with oily skin. Lipid soluble salicylic acid and mandelic acid dissolve oil to penetrate into and clear follicles for maximum results. The Clarify Peel is also a great solution for resurfacing and rejuvenating ethnic skin. Peel application is followed by a highly concentrated Retinol Activator containing peptides and antioxidants to enhance recovery and overall result.
  • REFINE PEEL The Refine Peel is designed for individuals of all skin types who are seeking more significant skin rejuvenation in fewer applications than a progressive glycolic series, and with less downtime than more aggressive procedures.