Luxe Lash + Brow Lift Kit

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A 3 steps system that not just perm but also nourish the natural eyelashes for healthy and strong lashes. Our Nourish lotion is infused with Keratin and sunflower seed oil. A gentle lifting formula that is effective and fast. It takes you anything from 5-10 minutes to process, the timing will depend on your client's lash condition and thickness. Our formula is packed in individual sachets to guarantee that the product is always fresh and effective. 

Why Luxe Curl? 

Luxe Curl Lash Lift Kit contains everything you need to give your clients a luscious long lasting eyelash curl. Lash lifts are perfect for those clients who can't wear eyelash extensions due to allergies, or the ones that doesn't want to keep up with the eyelash extensions maintenance. Lash lifts gives them an affordable and long lasting solution. 

It is also suitable for Brow Lift (Lamination)

Luxe Curl Lash Lift contains:

  • 10 Perming lotion sachets
  • 10 Fixing (neutralizing) lotion sachets
  • 10 Nourish lotion sachets
  • 1 shield glue
  • 5 different sizes lifting shields S / M / M1 / M2 / L (1 pair per size) 
  • 30 lint free disposable micro brush
  • 10 hydro gel under-eye pads
  • 10 disposable lifting tools
  • 5 reusable "Y" lifting tools