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Lash Pillow

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This ergonomic eyelash pillow is designed to help make your application easier and bring the best experience to your customers while getting their eyelash extensions. With a soft foam core and ergonomic design, it not only keeps your customers comfortable and relaxed, but it provides support to their head and neck. A new, portable design that won't get become flat after continued use, the foam core restores it shapes after every use. Easy to use, ac adapter included.

  • For professional use only. Designed for eyelash extensions and permanent makeup treatments.

  • Memory foam pillow.

  • The fan comes with a third gear to speed up the drying time of the eyelash extensions glue.

  • The daylight lamp has three dimming settings. Provide s powerful illumination.

  • The blue lamp disinfect client’s skin before treatment and helps with the daily disinfection of the pillow.

  • The red lamp  helps calm the skin after treatments.

  • Specifications: Voltage: 100- 220 volts.

        Blue lamp wavelength: 420nm,

        Red lamp wavelength: 630nm. 

  • Eye protectors included for red and blue light.